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and most reliable lighting
and dimming technology

        US 110V

         EU 230V

        CZ  230V




Jan Zacek

We will do home renovations on Zero Watt Lighting, in locations.

   Augusta, GA NC   from march  2019
   Los Angeles, CA    from september  2019
    price depend on number of exchanged - lights and dimming switches
($40 - dimming switch, $10 - LED bulb, or $50 - minipanel
         - it is include mounting and delivery)

   preorder with address and phone please sent on E-mail or fill form 

number of switches $40x + bulbs $10x = price $
  Your address*:
E-mail*: ZIP*: Phone*: *required
  Your message (best time like morning, evening, saturday...):                    

** without wire changing or drilling or additional service

         Map where will do renovation on Zero Watt Lighting
          Light up your home, without paying an electric bill.  
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