world's most effective
and most reliable lighting
and dimming technology


       EU 230V

       US 110V   

       CZ  230V

In passive dimming mode
does not consume any
measurable energy , but
still shines as bright as
100 candles.
rightnes is

lifelong guarantee

  for Green Buildings
  and Passive Homes

  self-repair techniques
lost segment is compensated

       replace 100 bulbs
100 years lifetime
      Zero Watt Dimmer

 passive and active mode

  Time to finish fossil fuels

Jan Zacek
U jezera 2046
Praha 5
Czech Republic 

  world's most effective and most reliable  lighting

Zero Watt Lighting is dimming technology, which decrease energy consumption
under measurable levels. In passive dimming mode you can illuminate your home
to the equivalent of having 100 candles, without paying any energy bill.

Thanks to self-repair techniques, gave this light a 40-time longer lifetime than LED bulbs.

minipanel (6W 800-1200lm) replaces 100 bulbs (100W), or 30 fluorescent (20W), or 30 LEDs (12W) 
                                illumination - in passive mode

in passive dimming mode, this light consumes 0Watt and shines as bright as 100 candles

In passive dimming mode does not consume any measurable energy , but still shines as bright as
100 candles. Thanks to passive dimming mode, you do not need go switch-on lights, because your
see everything, you are not dazzled after ON, and blinded after OFF. Everyone can living in luxury
and comfortable home, with permanent lighting.

So, light up your home without paying an electricity bills. 


          Minipanel (flat downlight)
200-250V, consumption 6W, 800-1000lm, 180°, color 6500°K,
dimensions 100x100x16mm,
weigh 96g, mounting with glue foam, or with 2 (4) wood screw 
(shining as 100W bulb, or as 20W fluorescent) [32 times longer lifetime, than LED]       
                                                          white opal frost design model
price:  €19,00
 ( +shipping €5,- )     

   Zero Watt Dimmer
100-250V, dual, dimensions 80x80x25mm, weigh 50g, mounting with 2 screw,
three position switch, dimmer can works with not dimmable LED bulbs
position II – ON consumption 6W shining as 300 Candles,
position I - DIM consumption 0,3W 
(not measurable) shining as 30 Candles,
position 0 - OFF

                                         standard model
price:  €18,00 
 ( +shipping €5,- )          
                                      Blackout ready technology
In ZeroWattLighting mode this product can be powered two month from a car battery ,
then can be charged, just in 3 sunny days, by a very small solar panel (10W 30x30cm)
under a window (can works without public grid).

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