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We ignite an 1nm small artificial
sun, permanent thermonuclear explosion (nuclear flare).

Gravi-nuclear principle
ignite nuclear reaction
by increase gravitation,
similar like natural
reactors in active
planets and suns.


Gravi-nuclear fission-
annihilation reactor is
the most effective energy
source, it is 30000 times
more effective than todays
fission reactor.


Gravi-nuclear Reactor -
an unlimited source of
cheap clean energy


Annihilation reactor is
most powered energy
source in universe.


Annihilation reactor can
be so small, because it is
not thermal reactor, but
antigravitational reactor.


reactor is 1000 times
smaller and 1000 times
cheaper than traditional
nuclear power stations.

Unified Theory of Everything
first real knowledges how the
universe works

       We build
 sustainable world.


John Zacek
Czech Republic

             Breakthrough Energetic Technologies
              "Unlimited source of cheap and clean energy"
 Gravi-nuclear reactor (Fusion Fission Annihilation)

The Gravi-nuclear reactor is the first reactor ever that can burn almost any mass 
into energy, depends on initial energy, is capable of running in fission, fusion and in 
annihilation mode. The Gravi-nuclear reactor runs on the same principle as every 
natural reactor, e.g. suns - that is, the gravitational principle. In fission mode, it can
be very small - like a boiler - about 1meter, it can burning Thorium (or spent nuclear 
fuel, or non-radioactive heavy elements).
 This fission reaction is more effective 
about 98%, compare to today 3% of fuel and generate about 20 times more 
energy. Bigger, fusion reactor burns deuterium as fuel. 
The Gravi-nuclear reactor 
can also run in annihilation mode, and burn any mass directly into energy E=mc^2. 
Best effectivity get Gravi-nuclear reactor in hybrid fission-annihilation mode, there 
generating about 30000 times more energy than fission, what is excellent gain.

  The Gravi-nuclear reactor is safer than a pocket lighter, because with every single 
nuclear detonation, only a few atoms are accelerated, from a few grams of fuel, and 
in the vacuum chamber, only 1nm small sun is ignited. 
It is the first technology that 
can replace fossil fuels, and will start the new nuclear age, with cheap and clean, 
safe, non-radioactive nuclear reactors.
This technology is based on our Unified 
Theory of Everything, which explains almost every mystery of today’s physics.

Reactor creates physical conditions as in the nucleus of the sun:
- high temperature of the plasma
- high density of the plasma (in focus of plasma)
- high gravity (for spontaneity fission)
- high density of gamma photons (for effective fusion)

"In the center of the reactor, in the vacuum chamber, we ignite gravitationally
the sun (nuclear flares) of 1nm in size, for fusion and fission reaction. So, in the
focus of plasma is ignited a nanometric permanent thermonuclear explosion.
For annihilation reaction, we create gravitationally a black hole 1pm in size,
which gravitationally collapse nuclei, repeatedly explode as small Supernova."

      The Gravi-nuclear reactor will start the new nuclear age.     

Efficiency: 1-2metter small today classic fission reactor generates 1KW
("kilopower") and need 30kg of Plutonium, 1-2m Gravi-nuclear fission reactor
generates 20KW and need few grams of Thorium, but 1-2m Gravi-nuclear hybrid
fission-annihilation reactor generates about 600MW and needs only a few grams
of  Thorium.

Research: The Gravi-nuclear reactor in fission and fission-annihilation mode is
and verified, but the reactor can run in many hybrids and two stages modes.
We will test fission-fusion mode, with Thorium and Deuterium, for increase
thermal power on 1MW in small size 1-2meter, for turbojet engine for airplanes.
We will test fission-fusion mode, with non-radioactive Bismut and Deuterium,
power about 20kW in smaller size about 20-50cm, and turbogenerator for cars.
We will test the fusion-annihilation mode, to decrease antigravitational radiation.

Developing: We develop a 20cm small school fission-fusion reactor (proof of concept)
 for testing the efficiency of different nuclear fuels. (will be available for about $9k)

 Some versions of this technology were successfully verified in 1943-44
year, when fission version was tested in the enrichment of Thorium to U233 and 6
under-limit nuclear detonations, and randomly discovered antigravitation in project
"Die Glocke", is known too as  Nazi Bell. Similar technology is 75 years secretly
tested under the cover name "UFO", so was observed by thousands of peoples.
But it is copied by reverse engineering, so nobody else understands to this technology.
 After WW2, was created Rusian version of a plasma reactor, only from
interception without an understanding of the functionality, known under the name
Tokamak. As most promised fusion reactor, it is now building as ITER. (but fusion
can not be effective because reactor complies only condition high temperature)

But the antigravitational reactor is on Earth for about 12000 years, was used to build
pyramids, his symbol is the "winged sun". Anunnaki reactor based on the principle
of the sun is 1m small ball with hooks, which lifts up about 20 tons. Thanks to this
anti-gravity technology, were created many civilizations, and megalitic objects on this
planet. So, I am not in this galaxy first, who invented anti-gravity technology, but only
one on Earth, who understands that, thanks to the advanced physic.

          Projects ready for commercialization:
This technology can replace all fossil fuels, and can decrease carbon emission on zero.
                 GREEN NUCLEAR FUTURE

    Ecological liquidation spent nuclear fuel
Each year in the United States, nuclear power reactors produce about 2,000 tons of
spent nuclear fuel, but disposed of in a deep geologic repository is very expensive.
Gravi-nuclear reactor with 2 small Uranium pellets of spent nuclear fuel, can run for
many years and the reactor can be more powered and smaller than with Thorium.
From spent nuclear fuel in Gravi-nuclear fission reactor, we get 30 times more energy,
but in fission-annihilation, we get 30000 times more energy, than in classic nuclear
reactor. In small fission-annihilation reactor radioactive material only ignites a
reaction, so we can additionally burn Mercury or Plumbum and get 600000 times
more energy. (We can annihilate any mass - so we can burn any radioactive waste.)
From every reactor (400 in world), every year, we get about 15 million Uranium pellets
and we can assembling 
15 million Gravi-nuclear reactors, money for that is on nuclear
account for ecological liquidation spent nuclear fuel. We have a sources, so we can
replace every coal, gas, and dangerous nuclear power stations in a few years.
In today's reactor is about 15millions of Uranium pellets (burned 3%, exchanged every year),
In Gravi-nuclear reactor need 1or 2 pellets of spent nuclear fuel and can get 10kW-600MW.

    Gravi-nuclear fission boiler
The Gravi-nuclear fission thermal boiler can be used for heating water and air in
a single home. This 20-50cm small microreactor is designed to replacing gas boilers
with power about 10KW in price about $5K.

[gas and coal substitute]
    Gravi-nuclear fission turbogenerator
The Gravi-nuclear fission thermal turbojet engine with a generator can be used
for hybrid cars. So future cars do not need to thank any fuel or lose time with charge
battery. It is designed to replacing a small about 20KW gasoline engine for
permanent charge small battery or supercapacitors, with zero emission.
    Nuclear battery
The nuclear battery is designed as a Gravi-nuclear fission-fusion turbogenerator with
supercapacitors for peak power 200kW. For maximum safety is non-radioactive and
as fuel use Bismut and Deuterium.

[gasoline substitute]
      Gravi-nuclear fission turbojet engine
The Gravi-nuclear fission and fission-fusion thermal turbojet engine can replace
every today's kerosine turbojet engines. So in future airplanes will not tank any fuel,
so will be safer and can fly forever. An airplane can fly higher and faster because not
use oxygen from the air. For stratosferic hypersonic airplanes is designed scramjet.
This engine is safe because contain only a few grams of Thorium and zero emission.  
[kerosine substitute]

   Gravi-nuclear fission-annihilation power station
The Gravi-nuclear fission-annihilation reactor is most powered reactor in universe,
in 2meter in diameter can generate about 600MW antigravitational energy. This
technology decrease the price of nuclear stations 1000 times from about  $10 billon
to about $10 million, and the mobile version can be simply transported near to the
[gas and coal and diesel fuel and dangerous radioactive elements substitute]
   Gravi-nuclear anti-gravitational transporter
With antigravitational transporter can be transported containers or cars with tourists
in 1-2 hours anywhere on Earth (lift up 20ton and maximum speed in atmosphere
9mach, in space lightspeed). Similar technology was used to build pyramids and other
megalithic monuments. It is an ideal transportation technology.

    Gravi-nuclear anti-gravitational propulsion
Gravi-nuclear propulsion in annihilation mode can be used as an anti-gravitational
propulsion, for traveling to the deep Universe, at lightspeed. Annihilation energy
of a nucleus (energy of small bang) is used to generate time-space deformation.
This anti-gravitational deformation of time-space on the back of a starship creates
gravitational thrust, which accelerates the starship. Acceleration 1G creates
standard gravity in the cabin for long time comfortable travel. With this starship,
we can launch and land anywhere. We can realize the Low-Cost Space Launch
and return back with any object, we can mining asteroids, and change asteroid's
a dangerous trajectory and terraforming of planets.

We plan to test Gravi-nuclear fission-annihilation - anti-gravitational propulsion
 for launch on orbit, so the launch will be 10 times cheaper - we will offer launch
of sattelites under $10mill. We plan traveling deep to the universe - with
acceleration 1-2G can be in 10 day on Mars and 7 years to Proxima Centaury B,
and 11 years to Sirius.
   Flying saucer - UFO
With the high precision and stability of the nanometric deflector in the engine, we
can linearly regulate the power of the antigravity reactor and use an antigravity
0G pillow. So, flying saucer can accelerate with more than 10G, without any
injury of the human body, because inside is the zone from -G to +G, so in distance
about 1-2meter from the reactor is a zone with 0G, where floats body on gravity
pillow. Long time traveling is good in the +1G zone in front of a starship (failure
engine - nonlinearity of antigravity (pulsating gravity) on short distance can cause
a break of DNA). The flying saucer with 20ton can accelerate in the atmosphere
to max speed Mach 9, in space to lightspeed. Under a water can accelerate to
300km/h (USO). This technology has TRL9 because similar was copied and was
secretly tested 75 years, under the cover name UFO. So, ten thousand peoples
probably observed real UFO.

   With this Warp Drive, we can travel to the deep Universe, and can
                         colonize our galaxy.
It is the first time in the history of civilization, that we can colonize the whole galaxy.

Without this technology, our civilization finishes with the end of fossil fuels,
but with this anti-gravitational technology, our civilization can grow and
                           can be a galactic civilization.

                       Advanced propulsions
          Gravitational microwave propulsion
Gravitational propulsion is based on microwave generator and antenna. These
propulsions have, along with active solar panels, unlimited lifespan, and can
accelerate a small satellite on speed close to lightspeed. Microwave propulsion
is designed for small satellites, because they only have small thrust - about 1N
for 2x2m solar panel with resonator (
still better than any today ion thruster and no
All these technologies is based on Unified Theory of Everything
First breakthrough in understanding how everything works in the Universe.

              Unified Theory of Everything            
              The Unified Theory of Everything will start a revolution in Science.
The Theory of Everything is based on new unified models of fundamental particles,
time-space, and time-space structures, atoms, and Universe. This theory can explain
each of the mysteries of physics - like gravitation, action of mass, dark energy, dark
matter, interactions, what is time, photon, graviton, time-space, how atoms and the
Universe work, etc. Thanks to the Unified Theory of Everything, there will be a new
nuclear age for us in the next few decades, when we will massively use nuclear
energy from small non-radioactive nuclear reactors and drives. Gravitation is key
for obtaining unlimited energy.

This theory is about Everything because it primarily defines and explains time-space,
that fills 99.99% (almost everything) of our Universe, and it is the most important
substance in the Universe. People are in interaction with two basic substances in the
Universe - mass and energy, but both represent time-space structures - graviton and
photon. Time-space - it is not nothing, it has fundamental particles and sub-particles,
and it is carrier of fields, and represents energy and mass itself (measurable).
In the Universe, mass is in minority; in reality, it is only an anomaly in time-space.
Unified means that this theory unifies mass and time-space (energy) as two forms
of the same substance, because both were created from the same two fundamental
sub-particles, therefore we can make mass from time-space, and the other way

This theory explains how and why the Theory of Relativity works, and explains, in
particular, how that works on particle level. The theory also explains why we had to
use, until now, quantum mechanics, and why we see something else than what really
happens, and also clarifies the Mass–energy equivalence, the Wave–particle duality,
and other effects, like quantum tunneling, Young's double slit experiment, the
Casimir effect. This new model replaces all quantum theories and confirms and
proves the rightness of the Theory of Relativity. The Unified Theory of Everything
finally returns to theoretical physics from mad quantum theories back to reality

(and accomplishes Albert Einstein's dream).

The ToE defines fundamental postulates, based on which physical laws work. The
Unified model defines particles of time-space form – energons, and the sub-particles
electrinos and positrinos, as being basic sub-particles of our Universe, which create
time-space, and energetic fields, like electrostatic, electromagnetic, gravitation, time,
light. The same sub-particles, in other form, create all fundamental particles of mass,
like neutrons, electrons and positrons. The theory explains how this form is changed,
from energy to mass, and the other way around, from mass to energy. It defines the
time-space structures photon and graviton, as most important elements in the world,
which represent energy and mass. This theory creates new cosmology, explains what
was before the Big Bang, and how our Universe was created, what is relic radiation,
and every cycle of structure of our Universe.
    With this knowledge, in the near future, we can manufacture miniature
non-radioactive gravi-nuclear reactors, as a source of clean and cheap energy for
homes and cars, and in the not too distant future, we will use gravi-nuclear
propulsion for traveling to the deep Universe.

       Thanks to the knowledge of the Unified Theory of Everything,
                                  we have a 300-year advance. 
             With mastered gravitation, we can dominate the galaxy.
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